People of many ages and backgrounds join the SCSM, including Swiss individuals with an interest in the Czech and Slovak nations. Some members are former Slovak or Czech citizens who have settled in Switzerland with their Swiss partners and families. Others are Czechs and Slovaks who live, work or study in Switzerland. Our founder members are young talented people with enthusiasm to not only connect you with compatriots but also help our members at their early times in Switzerland as well as connect them with the homeland and thus bring their experience and knowledge back to our beloved homelands of Czech and Slovak Republics.

"The stronger you feel that SCSM is not right for you, the more we want you to join us."

Do you think that this community doesn't suites you? Well, believe it or not, everybody's story is worthy of being shared within our community and we can't wait for you to surprise us with who you are and what interesting things you do in Switzerland.

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