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Patron: Prof. Dr. Peter Molnár

Chair: Mgr. Adam Pruška

Manager: Štefan Stanko, MSci

PR Manager: MSc. Aleš Holfeld

Czexpats Representative: Markéta Kubánková, Ph.D.

ZijemVedu Representative: Mgr. Jana Laláková, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Peter Molnár


Professor at ETH Zurich

Researcher and educator in environmental engineering, especially catchment hydrological processes and numerical modeling of environmental systems. Passionate about preserving the beauty and function of natural rivers.

Let’s have a chat about climate change, why you should reduce your carbon footprint, the meaning of being European, the best ice hockey teams, and benefits of music


Adam Pruška

Chair of the Organizing Committee

Ph.D. Student at ETH Zurich

Interested in native mass spectrometry and instrumentation. Investigating thermodynamics of large biomolecular complexes focused on nucleic acids. Passionate about graphic design. #Gquadruplexes #MassSpec

Let's have a pint of ale and share experience about volleyball, beer crafting, canoeing, guitar playing, why is Brno the best city ever, Four Agreements, beard, black humor, ...

Štefan Stanko

Chief Manager

Ph.D. Student at ETH Zurich

Investigating unconventional processing of alloys at ultra-high gravity and fast differential scanning calorimetry in the Metal Physics and Technology group of prof. Dr. Jörg Löffler.

Likely can be found on the lake or rolling around Switzerland on two wheels...

Aleš Holfeld

Public Relation Manager

Ph.D. Student at ETH Zurich

Understanding conformation-specific protein-protein interactions in the context of Parkinson's disease using limited proteolysis-coupled to mass spectrometry (LiP-MS) in the group of Paola Picotti.

Socially active person with enthusiasm towards skiing, hiking, and mountain biking in Switzerland.


The society Czexpats in Science unites Czech scientists who live(d) and work(ed) abroad. We aim to:

  • create a network of Czech scientist abroad and connect them to scientists and research institutions in the Czech Republic,

  • help scientists working abroad in navigating the Czech scientific environment and developing a career in the Czech Republic,

  • empower Czech scientists who live and work abroad to influence and inspire Czech science,

  • support mobility of Czech scientists by sharing information and experience.

To these ends we develop various projects, with the annual Czexpats conference as our flagship project. Among other activities, we organize workshops on how to secure a PhD or a postdoctoral research position abroad. We also developed a map of Czexpats in science (Czech scientists abroad), currently containing more than 400 scientists in over 40 countries.

But there is more! If you are further interested in our activities, follow us on the links below.

If you are a Czech scientist abroad, register and join our network, it's free.

The society Žijem vedu (I live Science) unites Slovak scientists who live(d) and work(ed) abroad. We aim to:

  • provide an interactive online "meeting place" for Slovak experts with different backgrounds, career stages, and regardless of the country they operate in,

  • contribute to the organization of events for the popularisation of science (Pochod za vedu - March for science Slovakia),

  • communicate problems the community has identified in science and education to the Slovak government and present these problems to Slovak media.

Žijem vedu is running a blog and a podcast Around the world. We also organize the annual conference Žijem vedu naživo to enable direct meetings and networking of the platform members.

Follow us on the links below to find out more about our activities! If you also want to be a part of our community, just sign up here. In case you would like to contribute more actively or have a particular idea to share with us, just contact us at zijemvedu@gmail.com.