Conference Game

  1. Find your teammates during coffee breaks, lunch, and apéro. Have a pleasant conversation and try to reveal hidden team numbers on the backside of name badges.

  2. Find one of the members of the organizing committee. Tell him how many members your team has and advance into the next level of the game.

  3. Let the world of social media know that you join the SCSM 2021 and meet new people. Share a funny picture of your team on Twitter or LinkedIn with the following criteria.

    • Funny picture

    • use a hashtag #SCSM21

Write a meaningful post where the first letters of 5-8 words in the row create another word representing anyhow Czech Republic, Slovakia, or Switzerland. E.g., "Patrioti Reprezentující Akademii Hned Aplaudují." = PRAHA

Evaluated aspects are time, picture originality, and post creativity.